Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am pleased to Welcome you to the Official Kitchen Sink Stamps Blog!

The Official Kitchen Sink Stamps Blog? How is that different from, In the Sink News, you may be wondering? (I hope you are. :D )

The Official Kitchen Sink Stamps Blog will primarily be the new site for a new monthly contest called, “What’s Cooking with Your Kitchen Sink Stamps?” This is a place for you (anyone who has purchased a set of Kitchen Sink Stamps) to strut your stuff and have a chance to win a free set of Kitchen Sink Stamps!

Yes! Every month there will be strutin’ and winnin’!!! :D

As for my blog, In the Sink News... you’ll still want to check it out, because this is where you will hear about new release dates, sneak peaks to new stamps and... SALES!!! :D

I have been so tickled seeing all the wonderful designs, out there in blogland, coming from the customers of Kitchen Sink Stamps! So, I thought it was time for all of those wonderful stampers to have a place to display their creations along with the opportunity to win free Kitchen Sink Stamps!

Starting June 3rd, you may enter and display your Kitchen Sink Stamped creations..

And why not??? .... you might be one of the winners of a free stamp set!

More contest rules and details coming soon!

Maria, Owner of Kitchen Sink Stamps


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